Wanna leverage the benefits of crypto technology but without the pain of technical issues and more of volatile exchange rates?

CORION coin is the best choice for every transaction for everyone. It is a stable-rate digital currency, which can be stored, used, and traded through an integrated wallet and exchange services.

Why BTC cannot fulfill Satoshi’s dream? BTC holders are interested in holding or speculating and not in using or spreading. They can win by changes in the exchange rate. It is greedy, because there must be someone on the other side who lose.

If you are got paid based on how much the community grown and in a stable priced coin,
then you do not have to worry about the exchange rate.

Start using CORION coin now

ide kell egy alcím

ide kell egy alcím

Coin release profit up to 2.5% daily

The more people use it,
The more money you make.

Instead of risky trading or unavailable mining make money from growing coin demand.

Say goodbye to stress with a demand-based asset which puts money into your pocket by the issued new coins due to the increased demand.

The market equilibrium is achieved by the quantity of the coin instead of the price.

That’s the way you can make money from the daily released coins to meet the increased demand.

Daily returns of 0-2.5% are generated as coin supply increments to be allocated among users.

The more people use it, the more the coin supply increases, and the more profit you achieve.

Earn daily return from the newly issued coins without risking and blocking your money.

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Daily coin release

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Fairly distibuted coin