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In case you forgot to save your private key or brain wallet, and you did download the Wallet-backup file, your CORION Wallet is safe.
Ok, it will be a little bit technical:

At the moment of downloading two files are created, which cannot be used independently.
One is generated on the server encrypted and useless on its own.
The other gets encrypted on the user side including all the data connected to CORION address. On its own it is useless as well. The file on the user side is the key to release the file created on the server. These two should meet to have access to the data stored in the file.
But how do they meet?
CORION Wallet has a function to allow to import different accounts. This happens to CORION addresses as well. Well, if you do not have other than your Wallet-backup file, the only thing you have to do is to sign in your wallet, choose Import in the Account settings menu and upload the file.

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